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Who are we?

O násWe are an Autodesk Gold Partner based in the Czech Republic. As a CAD system integrator, we provide support to customers for a wide range of needs, such as manufacturing, construction, civil engineering, visualizations, document management, CAM, BIM, etc.

We have been in the CAD market for over 20 years, which means we have gained a large amount of experience from hundreds of successful installations.





Why us?

In one word…people. Our customers are the key to our success. We strive to provide you with the best support. We help customers deal with the same business challenges you are facing. Our understanding of your business and CAD you use is the key to the successful support we provide. We help you to be more efficient and productive. But in the end, it all comes down to one thing. People. We appreciate the relationship we have with our customers. Our customers consider us long-term partners because our people are the best in the business.

O firmě Adeon


We are not too large.

We care about our clients. Our clients never speak with some unknown person from the helpdesk. Every customer knows which technician takes care of their problems and can help them.


But we are also not too small.

If you have a technical issue, there is always someone ready to help you. Our teams have a lot of experience in each area, so we can guide you in the more effective use of your CAD programs.


Full pre-sales support.

Would you like to start with CAD, but don’t know what to choose? The scale of Autodesk CAD programs is huge. We will help you understand what you will need for your work. We have experienced technicians and salespeople who are fully qualified and trained. We draw from our 20 years of experience on the market. We have implemented hundreds of successful CAD, GIS, PLM and BIM solutions. We provide a wide range of support that covers manufacturing, construction, civil engineering, visualizations, document management, CAM, BIM, etc.


Autodesk Gold Partner

We have been a CAD reseller and Autodesk partner for over 20 years. Adeon is a Gold Tier Autodesk Partner, providing valuable long-term support for their customers. We know these solutions inside out. We are committed to helping you understand Autodesk CAD solutions and working more effectively.


Application development

Throughout the years as an Autodesk partner, we have discovered that our customers sometime need to tailor some application functions so they would better suit their business needs. That’s why we have a team of programmers that understand Autodesk applications inside out and can implement your technical needs as add-ons in the Autodesk CAD programs.
Do you need an application that will read product information from your company information system (IFS, for example) and automatically load all info directly to your CAD data? No problem. Should it be connected directly to the CAD application, like Autodesk/Inventor or PDM as Autodesk Vault? We can do both.

From time to time, we release some public add-ons that can be used by everyone. We list our add-ons on the Autodesk App store, for example.


It’s not only about CAD

We are not only CAD resellers. Our experience is also in IT infrastructure, because it’s not only about the CAD application. If you need to work more efficiently, we believe you need to look at the company as whole. That’s why we are able to offer support for a wide variety of your technical needs. For example, we are a Silver Citrix solution partner, Eset Gold partner, HP Gold Partner, Microsoft certified, as well as many others.


Where you can find us?

We are a Czech company with 4 offices across the Czech Republic - Brno, Ostrava, Pardubice and Zlín. If you would like to contact us, write to us at contact@adeon.cz

Primary company info:
Adeon CZ s.r.o.
Company ID: 26276038
Tax identification number: CZ26276038
E-mail: contact@adeon.cz

 Mapa poboček Adeon
Brno-mapa Ostrava-mapa Pardubice-mapa Zlin-mapa
Brno Ostrava Pardubice Zlín
Tyršova 44
612 00 Brno
Havlíčkovo nábř. 38
702 00 Ostrava
Bělehradská 582
530 09 Pardubice
Klabalská I 97
760 01 Zlín
+420541218686 +42055827302 +420468008588 +420577433771
brno@adeon.cz ostrava@adeon.cz pardubice@adeon.cz zlin@adeon.cz